Maximum Gut Health Plus

Some companies like evolution not revolution. At Maximum Animal Health when it comes to product innovation and nutrition, we never stop researching ways to evolve our products and make improvements that have real world benefit to your horse’s wellbeing and performance. This is why we have launched the revolutionary New Max Gut-Health Plus that is backed by the latest scientific research and ingredients formulated to support equine athletes and horses with compromised digestive health.

Max Gut Health Plus


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Making improvements to our products that have real benefit to your horse’s wellbeing and performance is our No 1 priority. The revolutionary formulation of “New Max Gut-Health Plus” is built on the world class results seen by riders who have used our original and still game changing Max Gut-Health.

Max Gut Health Plus

The active Ingredients in new Max Gut-Health Plus has been formulated with a blend of the nutritionally proven ingredients, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) and Plant-based Calcareous Marine Algae that provide maximum support for your horse’s total digestive wellbeing.

Maintaining a good digestive balance is probably one of the most important ways to support your horse’s health and performance. Imbalances and disruption of your horses gut micro biome can be caused by multitude of different reasons like changes to:

• Feed, new forage sources and pasture
• Traveling and Increasing workload intensity
• Changes to daily management
• Stressful situations like shows and moving to a new yard
• Certain medication

To help avoid situations like these having an effect on your horse, studies have shown that the use of advanced dietary supplements containing live Yeast, FOS, MOS and Plant-based Calcareous Marine Algae that are found in Max Gut-Health Plus can support a horse’s healthy digestive system, helping to stimulating the immune response, providing protection against pathogens, and simultaneously sustaining and aiding digestion.

• MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides) is a plant- based probiotic that provides nutrients for the good bacteria within the horse’s hindgut and helps to support optimal growth rates and assists in reducing oxidative stress and inflammatory effects. The use of MOS in the horse’s diet is also proven to improve muscle mass, function, recovery and supports wellbeing and can have a positive effect on performance.

The feeding of the (MOS) in Max-Gut Health Plus to brood mares in late gestation can increase the levels of the immune cells, Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in the colostrum. These cells are critical for the passive transfer of immunity from the mare to the foal. It has also been shown that supplementation with (MOS) benefits mares in late gestation producing

• FOS (Fructooligosaccharide) a plant-based prebiotic that provides a food source for the good bacteria within the hindgut. Research has demonstrated that (FOS) supplementation can improve fibre digestion by increasing the capacity of the bacteria within the hindgut to convert fibre into an energy source for the horse. When fibre is digested efficiently it can help reduce the amount of hard feed required to meet the horse’s energy needs. When your horse is working at harder levels it may be necessary to provide an energy dense compound feeds or straights in addition to their normal fibre or forage sources. In this situation the inclusion of (FOS) that is incorporated into Max Gut Health Plus has been shown to limit the negative impact of energy rich feeds on the hindgut, and to help reduce the risk of colic and support the wellbeing of the hind gut.

• Live Yeast (Saccharomyces MUCL 39885) that works as a probiotic, and is a source of live, naturally occurring micro-organisms that aids digestion and support the immune system. Live yeast can have a beneficial impact on the bacterial population that live within the hindgut that aid digestion and support the immune system. Feeding a live yeast helps to improve the digestibility of a horse’s diet by supporting the fermentation process, that converts fibre from the diet into an available energy source. Live yeast has been shown to increase the pH in the hindgut, and in doing so it can reduce detrimental concentrations of lactic acid. This effect is even more significant in performance horses, who tend to require higher levels of starch and concentrate feeds. Metabolites produced by Live Yeast like Saccharomyces cerevisia in Max -Gut Health Plus has been shown to support the wellbeing of the immune system and the immune cells, that affect and regulate inflammatory responses in horses. This combined effect has also been shown to provide a stress-mitigating response in young animals.

• Plant-based Calcareous Marine Algae is a unique blend of natural sustainable algae that is a highly efficient buffer. It has a honeycomb structure that breaks down slowly helping to support and stabilise the pH and reducing the risk of acidosis and stomach ulceration. Working with the live yeast in Max- Gut Health Plus the Calcareous Marine Algae supports and aids feed digestibility, coat and skin condition, helps strengthen hoofs, provides bioavailable magnesium, and calcium that is essential in stressful situations and can aid the regulation of acid in the fore and hind gut.

The combination of the advanced live yeast, FOS, MOS and Marine Algae in Max Gut Health Plus has been shown to improve digestibility and to create a greater capacity for resilience in the face of stresses that can be hard to avoid and eliminate from the life of the performance and competition horses.

Ensuring an appropriate, balanced diet with sufficient fibre is the first critical nutritional step in supporting gut biome and digestif wellbeing. This can then be enhanced by the use of modern dietary supplements to support gut wellbeing and overall health and performance.


70g a day split between two feeds.

Ponies and horses in light work that do not react to seasonal changes may be able to reduce to 30g per day after the first month of loading on 60g.

Listen to your horse if you feel that 30g is not enough increase back to 60g. Young stock 6months plus can be fed at a rate of 10g per 100kg of weight. Can also be fed to brood mares in foal.

Not sure about how much to feed? Contact us today!

Nutritional Information

Additives per Kg

Gut flora stabilisers: 373134328256 CFU/Kg, Saccharomyces MUCL 39885 as Vistacell (4b1710) for the improvement of feed efficiency and performance.

Algae, Yeast Products, FOS, Peppermint flavouring

Analytical Constituents:

Additives per Kg

Calcium 22%
Phosphorus 0.1%
Sodium 1.5%
Lysine 0.2%
Methionine 0.0%
Acid Insoluble Ash 2.5%

The included feeding scoop holds 30g of Max-Gut-Health Plus.

What Our customers say…

“Maximum Gut Health for us is the best product on the market. All of our horses are looking perfect, their coats are shiny and they’re feeling awesome. MGH is also super effective working on youngstock as well. My horses competition results have been going up since I started this supplement!”
- Alexander Housen


“Cosmos Has Been On Max Gut Health Since Feb 2020 And It’s The Best He’s Felt In The 9 Years That I’ve Owned Him. Fleur Has Been On The Product After Having A Compromised Gut, Now She Is Flourishing. This Is A Product That I Wholeheartedly Believe In, Having Trialled It On My Horses For 10 Months.”
- Jade Hatfield


“I now have my whole team of event horses on Max Gut-Health because I was so pleased with how well my young horse was getting on with it. All of my horses are looking amazing with great muscle tone, stride length and coat condition and they are all so happy and relaxed in themselves. I’ve never had a product work so well and it’s a product that I genuinely believe in and will recommend to everyone!”
- Pippa Dixon


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